Tuesday, September 28, 2010

another savings site


groupon is awesome, again check out a lot of the cities! I got a 20$gc for soap.com for 10$ yesterday! Can't beat that!

Invite to LivingSocial

Invite to LivingSocial

Check out this awesome site! Great way to do things for cheap! Check out all the cities because they often have great deals that can be used online or nationwide! I got 4 movie tickets today for 20$ which can be redeemed through fandango or another ticket site, their tickets are 14$, great deal!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Bzzcampaign

I never seem to get in to bzz campaigns before they fill up, so I am super excited about the one I just joined for Elmer's Glue X-Acto Craft line. I didn't even know that this was out there and am super excited to check it out and get bzzing! I am sort of a beginner crafter and not very good, but I love trying out different projects and tools to do them and love doing them with Evan, even if they don't turn out so pretty!

Here's an image of the full product line!