Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Expotv and Clairolista

I have been a member of expotv and it's a really great site and love how it works. You record a video giving your opinion on products and earn points that can be redeemed for various items and giftcards. They also have a tryology program where companies send you products to test and you post a video about how the product worked out for you.  And they value truthful opinions, I recieved one product I was not very impressed with and said so in my video and I am still with them! So don't feel like you need to lie or be happy happy joy joy about everything you try!  They also have a survey portion where you can take surveys and earn points. I did one that spanned over a week and I got the equivalent of $15 in points for completing!

They recently recruited people on behalf to be "Clairolistas" for Clairol and I am really exited to get started on this program, I will definitely post more on that once I get my own portal pages set up!

If you want to join expotv use my referral link and we can be friends on there!  Expotv sign up

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