Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Man alive

I am really getting sick of this weather, it seems to either be unbearably hot and humid or storming.  Our power seems to go out more right before storms, than during, which is really odd.  I am glad Evan is fairly unfazed by the storms, however he does not like when the power goes out.  This is becoming an expensive month, first I lost my phone at the park, got a new one and within 2 days the screen is cracked, I apparently dropped it just right, 2 feet off the ground. The top glass is cracked, but I can still read it and the underscreen is fine, I put some packing tape over the broken glass to fix it for now.  I also finally got my car towed (amazing, only $35!) to get my brakes fixed and they guess that will be around $100 and than once my car is operational I have to go and get all new tires.  I have noticed a lot of blurring of my vision so also need to make an eye appointment and get new glasses and I think I am going to give contacts a try again. Oh and our fridge died a week and a half ago and I had to throw a ton of food out and need to rebuy it all.

I really can't believe Casey Anthony got off and was found not guilty, I really hope the truth of what happened to that little girl comes out one day.

Have had a lot of small wins lately, still hoping for a big win! Someone on the board I go to has a friend that just won 40K from nestle, that'd be nice!

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